Pinemeadow Golf Clubs is another large clone golf clubs manufacturer - they have even been featured in the Wall Street Journal "Web Watch"! Besides selling quality golf club clones, they also provide great reading material in their "Golf Clubs 101" section of their website that explains the difference between clones and knock-offs.

Pinemeadow Golf Club Fitting Wizard

They have a nice 'Custom Fitting Wizard" that will help you choose the best clubs for your game. A great company to work with.

Pinemeadow Golf Gift Certificates

Giga Golf Clubs has been making quality clone golf clubs for over 13 years. They take pride in a cutting edge website, and eFit, their online fitting tool to help the consumer pick the best clubs possible accoring to their specifications.

GigaGolf, Inc.

Integra Golf Clubs

Integra has been a large player in the golf industry for many years. Located in City of Industry, CA, Integra Golf maunfactures clone golf clubs, and orginal designs. They also make quality inexpensive golf shafts like the Integra iDrive series. Some famous clone designs they've produced are the VS88 (Callaway iron clone) and the Quadratic series (Callaway driver clones). Intregra also produces excellent original design clubs, like the SoooLong driver series, and the Flying V. If you are looking to buy Integra golf clubs online, take some time to check out Value Golf.

Acer Golf Clubs

Acer is probably the most famous "lesser known" manufacturer. Acer clubs have been high level performers for almost 20 years. Using the quality Summitt foundry in Asia, Acer golf components use computer aided design (CAD) and robotic testing to ensure high quality clubs. Acer has even been recognized in Golf Digest's Hot List, for producing great clubs at great prices. That is impressive considering that Golf Digest usually only praises the bigger name companies that advertise with them. You can find Acer golf clubs and components at Hireko Golf and Value Golf.

Clone Golf Club Manufacturers - Who are they?

The truth is, there are only about 8 foundries in the world that produce golf clubs, most of them located in Asia. Many of the same foundries that are producing big name golf club brands like Callaway, Taylor Made and Ping, are also producing other brands, including clone golf club heads. Interestingly, no golf club company owns their own foundry, they simply hire out the work to a foundry they are comfortable working with. Clone golf club companies use the same materials in the manufacturing process as the major brands do for their clubs. Lets breakdown some of the main clone golf club manufacturers:

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